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Dr. Avanti Doshi is a SEBI registered Investment Advisor & actively tracks the Healthcare sector. She is a dedicated financial planner & helps her clients with goal based financial planning. After taking a detailed case history from clients she works on formulating a personalized financial plan. Sharing unbiased advice about the market instruments is her Motto. Jaydeep Doshi is the Fund Manager of Proinvest Nirimiti & founder of Proinvest Wealth Manager’s, a Pune based boutique wealth management company. In order to stick to his passion of studying various businesses, he has spent his entire working career in the field of Investments. He strongly believes that wealth can be created only in long run by investing great businesses with extraordinary managements. The mantra for success in investments is to limit your mistakes, and for that the focus should be on Quality. Over the past 15 years he has successfully built trust of over 3000 clients & manages around ₹ 400 crores across various financial products. He also advises various Trusts, Educational Institutes & Midsize corporates to manage their treasury. Apart from earning his MBA-Finance from Chetana Institute - Mumbai, he has also acquired certification in Behavioural Finance from IIM-Ahmedabad. Before starting Proinvest, Jaydeep had worked with Motilal Oswal and ASK. Jaydeep manages Proinvest Nirmiti along with 3 analysts and various external research consultants.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the products offered?
Proinvest Nirmiti is a focused Multi-cap fund investing in high quality businesses. The portfolio comprises companies having wide moats, impeccable management track record, sky high entry barriers & strong cash flows. Our success mantra has been to identify companies which are first able to generate superior cash flows & then re-invest the same cash back in the business at superior ROCE (Return on Capital Employed). Businesses which can do this consistently, end up creating insane amounts of wealth in the long run.
What is their investment philosophy?
We believe great companies have one or more of the following qualities which help them create disproportionate wealth in the long run & also act as strong entry barriers-, 1. Scalable Business Model, Companies which are able to Scale Up quickly are the ones, who will dominate the market & earn superior cash flows,, with higher margins for a longer time., As these companies eventually end up holding a large market, share in their sectors, going ahead they define the rules of the game., 2. Intangible Assets, Over the past years many companies have built great brands, & separated themselves from the herd. Now they are, leveraging this brand equity & introducing newer products &, services under the same brand., 3. Customer Switching Costs, Successful companies typically try to employ strategies that, incur high switching costs on the part of consumers to, dissuade them from switching to a competitor's product, brand, or services., 4. Cost Advantage, Economies of Scale can create strong entry barriers in some industries. This leads to immense bargaining power both from customers & vendors.
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